Nail Salon Services

Our staff have operated in Hurstville's Nail Scene for over 8 years. We are proud to offer our premium nail salon services to you. Allow us to take care of all your finger nail and toe nail concerns. Allow us to pamper you. And give you your dream set of finger and toe nails. We aim to become your nail salon of choice.

Nail polish racks

Acrylic Nails

Our Acrylic technicians have minimum 5 years experience in nail tech. We only hire the best staff in order to ensure the highest quality of acrylic full sets provided in our line of nail salon services. To top it up, we offer one of Hurstville's most affordable prices.

Natural Nails

For those of you who prefer natural nails, we have the know-how to help you maintain those nails. We only use the best products used in the nail salon industry to ensure your natural nails remain healthy.


Our nail salon pedicure services are first class. We offer services from our most basic pedicure to remove your dead skin to our premium services which include leg massage and foot masks. Enjoy our service in our privately partitioned pedicure spa area as you relax in our deluxe automatic massage chairs.

Soak off / Take off

We offer efficient service for soaking off or taking off acrylic or shellac. We will buff, re-shape your nails and restore them to the natural nail as per your desire. Our service is efficient with high attention to detail.

Nail Design

Our dedicated nail design artists have over 10 years experience in the field. Our specialty designers are masters at creating and copying your desired images and graphics onto your nail. We guarantee you the most amazing artwork - so you can leave our store feeling great and show-off to your friends.